Our Mission

Our mission is simple:  to create happiness and share it with others—a happiness not limited to human beings, but for our animals friends as well!  That’s why Farrago LA will never use animal products of any kind in our designs, and why we are actively working toward building an animal sanctuary.

 My wife Christine has spent most of her 19-year law career defending the rights of animals and giving them a voice.  It’s rewarding but often heartbreaking work, and she was looking for an outlet to continue her advocacy in a way that would take her out of the darkness of the courtroom and into the light of animals’ day-to-day lives.  Farrago LA honors her passion in two ways:


#1: Farrago LA entire fashion line is ethical, vegan and free from animal bi-products of any kind.

 #2:  A portion of Farrago LA’s profits will be used to create an animal sanctuary—a place where our Farrago brand ambassadors (rescued dogs, cats, chickens, cows  and other farm animals) will give people an opportunity to experience their unconditional love and purity of spirit, and learn the different ways we can all help keep animals safe from exploitation and suffering.


Farrago Farm


Imagine a beautiful rustic retreat off Highway 1 between Los Angeles and San Francisco, complete with a cozy inn, an adjacent café, stables, a barn, and enough land to provide a safe haven for animals in need.  And, of course, lots of opportunities for guests to meet the animals and hear their stories, providing gentle enlightenment about the rights of all animals to live without cruelty.


We can’t wait for you to visit our sanctuary one day in the future, and every purchase brings us one step closer to creating this happy place.