• Patchwork jeans that start conversations

50 individual hand cut pieces go into every pair of jeans we make .

Handcrafted in our LA Studio

Each pair of Farrago LA jeans is handcrafted to perfection in small batches in our downtown LA studio.

"Quite possibly the sexiest, best fitting, most stylish jeans I’ve ever bought,  I actually bought two pairs I love them so much, and I don’t say that lightly"

Marie T, Beverly Hills

"I literally met my boyfriend because of your jeans, while standing in the line to go into a nightclub in LA he made a comment about how unique my jeans were and we struck up a conversation and the rest is history baby, you guys rock"

Sarah M, Venice

“I absolutely LOVE my Farrago jeans. The patchwork is magical.  I suddenly have curves in all the right places in my Farrago's. I highly recommend.”

Jennielyn Rossi, San Francisco